Cultural Change

Cultural Change


“These are four major concepts indicating cultural changes i.e., modernisation, westernisation, secularisation and sanskritisation but even then, we begin our study of cultural change with the concept of sanskritisation”. Why so given reason briefly.


(i) We begin our study of cultural changes with the concept sanskritisation. The reason for doing so is because it refers to a process that pertains to social mobility that existed before the onset of colonialism. And persisted in diverse ways subsequently. The other three changes as we shall shortly see, arose in a context marked by changes that colonialism brought about. This included direct exposure to modern western ideas of freedom and right.

(ii) As mentioned earlier this exposure heightened the sense of injustice on the one hand and humiliation on the other. Often this led to a desire to go back to one’s traditional past and heritage. It is within this mix that we can understand India’s tryst with modernisation, westernisation and secularisation.

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