The Demographic Structure of the Indian Society

The Demographic Structure of the Indian Society


Explain the basic argunet of the theory of demographic transition. Why is the transition period associated with a population explosion?


Basic Argument : Population growth is linked to overall levels of economic development and every society follows a typical pattern of development related population growth.

Explanation : This argument clarifies that if the society is underdeveloped and technologically backward, the pace of population growth will always slow and low. It ?cause per capita earning capacity of such unskilled society will remain meagre or minimum. People from such society would do manual work, suffer from mal-nutrition and ailments hence, death rate is found Higher in them as compared to people from society of educated and skilled people. Again, growth rates are low because both the death rate and between the two is low. In a developed society, death and birth rate being low, the difference between them is again small. Hence, growth rate is always low. The stage between backwardness and skilled people is called a transitional stage in which growth rate of population is witnessed very high when death rates are brought down through public health, better nutrition and disease control method. Society behaviour takes time to adjust with the new situation of relative prosperity and longer life span, hence; population explosion takes place during transition period. For an instance, Indian society has still not brought any change in her reproductive behaviour while mortality or death rates have brought down considerably here since last decade.

Thus, we see that the transition period or the middle phase of backwardness and development is associated with a population explosion. Society takes time to adjust with the changed situation.

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