The Demographic Structure of the Indian Society

The Demographic Structure of the Indian Society


Mention the main indicators of social and demographic characteristics of India's population.


Indicators of socio-demographic characteratics of India's population

(a) The birth rate, the death rate and the infant mortality rate of India's population have declined but they are still quite high as compared to developed countries of the world.

(b) The growth rate of population of our country has declined over the years but the size of total population in India has increased. India has crossed one billion of population as per 2001 census.

(c) There are numerous socio-economic and cultural factors responsible for decline in population still constantly high birth rate is prevailing in our country.

(d) The age composition of the population indicates that the size of the lower groups has become smaller because of decline in mortality and fertility.

(e) It also indicates remarkable change in India's population is the increase in the size of elderly population and this has got a number of social, economic and health related implications.

(f) Like the process of fertility and mortality, migration is another demographic process. It brings about changes in structure and size of population of our country.

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