Sociology And Society

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    Identify any personal problem that you or your friends or relatives are facing. Attempt a sociological understanding.


    I am facing the following problems :

    (i) I am a poor person having a large family of six members.

    (ii) My elder daughter and sons are respectively of twenty four and twenty two years both are unemployed.

    (iii) My friend is a business man but he is having in shop-non-commercial or residential area. He has got a notice from the higher authorities that shop will be sealed and later on demolished

    (iv) My wife is suffering from some serious diseases.

    (v) My parents are very old.

    I have offered financial help to my friend to purchase a shop in commercial area. I have advistd him that he should take some loan from a bank and first of all he should purchase a shop in an authorised complex. I have told him that my son with join him in business if he desire so because my friend is issueless. He was accepted my offer. I have told him that if he accept my offer my son will also get employment and one of my problem will be solved.

    My daughter has made up her mind to go to U.S.A. because she is a computer engineer and after her marriage with a fellow of United State he will go there.

    My wife is going daily to Yoga classes of Guru Ram Dev. The Yoga teacher has promise that my wife will be O.K. after a regular practice of Yoga for two months or so.

    My parents are old one. I, my son and my friends is paying ful attention to attend them regularly

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