Sociology And Society

  • Question

    Does society exist independently ?


    (i) No, society does not exist independently. We recognise that for continued existence a human society meets some sorts of basic conditions as required in an animals society.

    (ii) Further more, human cannot escape the effect of biological inheritance any more than the bees can. Just as the biological inhertances of the bees determines their physical needs, behaviour - patterns, learning and communicating - capacities, likewise, human society is also tied to man's biological inheritance.

    (iii) Because of dependence upon learned normative behaviour a new survival need emerges, the continuation of the social system itself.

    (iv) The prerequisite for the continuance of human society must also be met through learned normative behaviour.

    (v) We see this operating mainly in the society's patterned ways of socializing the young (enabling them to acquire their group's values and behaviour patterns).

    (vi) However, we should bear in mind that in one sense society's one major characteristic is independence also. It is not a subgroup of any other. We may define 'society' as such as a permanent, self-contained and an integrated group.

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