Introducing Western Sociologists

Introducing Western Sociologists


Discuss in short Max Weber’s conception of the Nature.

Max Weber’s conception of the Nature :

1. Raymond Aron described Max Weber as “the sociologist”. It is, therefore, very surprising to know that Max Weber himself was opposed to creation of professorship in Sociology. Karl Jaspers, “Three Essays : Leonardo, Descartes and Weber” (1953). He (Max Weber) became sociologist explanations must relate to the self-conscious actions of individual poeple.

2. Max Weber had a dirust of superficial generalizations. He realised the urgent requirement of analysis of institutions and events in their own context.

3. Max Weber also believed that it is possible to construct trans-cultural and trans-temporal concepts in terms of which human history can be categorized and its course can be casually explained. Of course, it may not be possible to predict its future course.

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