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What is the role of new middle class according to D.P. Mukerji ?

The Role of new middle class according to Dhurjati Prasad Mukerji :

1. The urban industrial order introduced by the British in India set aside the older institutional networks. It also dissolved several traditional castes and classes. It called for a new kind of social adaptation and adjustment. In the new set-up the educated middle classes of the *** of India became the focal point of the society.

2. The new middle class of India come to command the knowledge of the modern social forces, i.e., science and technology, democracy and of a new sense of historical development, which the west stood for.

3. The new society of India calls for utilisation of impressive qualities and the useful (new) service of the new middle class people.

4. The problem is that these new middle classes have been soaked with the western ideas and life-styles. And they have remained blissfully, and usually contemptuously, significant of Indian culture and Indian reality.

5. The people of the new middle class are oblivious to the Indian traditions. But, traditions have 'great powers of resistance and obsorption.' Even on the surface of human geography and demographic pattern, traditions have a role to play in the transfiguration of physical adjustment and biological urges.'

6. In India for instance, things like city planning and family planning are to tie up with traditions that the architect and the social reformer can ignore them only at the pawl of other schemes. India's middle classes in this way, would not be in a position to lead the masses to build India along modern lines. They were uprooted from their indigenous tradition. They have lost contact with the masses.

7. India can move on the road of modernity adapting it to her traditions if the middle classes re-establish their link with the masses.

8. The people of new middle classes should not be either apologetic for or unnecessarily boastful of their tradition. They should try to harness its vitality for accommodating changes needed by modernity. A balance between individualisation and association will be achieved thereby. India and the world will be enriched with the new experience.

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