Indian Sociologists

Indian Sociologists


Write a short note on ‘The expanding Horizon of Sociology’.

The Expanding Horizon of Sociology :

1. Govind Sadashiv Ghurye went on exploring newer domains of social-cultural life in India and the world. An important field was literature and society.

2. G.S. Ghurye become one of the first Indian sociologists to have utilized literature in sociological studies. Ghurye with his vast knowledge of Sanskrit literature extensively quoted from the Vedas, shastras, epics, and poetry of Kalidasa or Bhavabhutie to shed light on the social and cultural life of Indians.

3. Govind Sadashiv Ghurye made use of the literature in vernacular, e.g. Marathi, and cited from the literature of modern writers like Bankimchandra Chatterjee as well.

4. However, the scholars say that Govind Sadasiv Ghurye’s knowledge was encyclopaedic. His method was eclectic. The research and writings of Ghurye and his disciples opened new vistas of sociological inquiry in India.

5. Through understanding of India's ancient tradition and its linkage with today's India Ghurye’s contribution must be followed carefully.

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