Environment and Society

Environment and Society


Discuss the relationship between agricultural communities with their environment.

The Relationship between agricultural communities with their environment :

1. Agricultural communities settle down permanently in villages for cultivation throughout the year.

2. Valleys and fertile regions have been chosen for cultivation. This stage set the tone for further technological advancement. The development of crafts, arts and various cottage industries are the products of such technological advancement.

3. Family of the agriculturalists now has become the most singnificant agency for sociolisation of children. Members of the family learn farming, folkways and many customs from the community.

4. Use of animal power also starts. Boat-making, cart-making and then house-construction develop.

5. Rural communities with new technologies control the environment. Depenedence on environment gradually decreases. Still floods, droughts, famines, earthquakes and many other natural calamities bring hazards in their life.

6. Religion and rituals have developed to produce them from these environmental hazards and to ensure better agricultural production. Gradually, scripts, language and other symbols develop in the society.

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