Environment and Society

Environment and Society


What is urban ecology ?

Urban Ecology :

1. During the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, industrial cities developed along with the process of industrialization. The increased agricultural production made it possible to supply food to large population living in the cities which developed a vast range of industrial and urban occupations.

2. Family-based pre-industrial economic units were transformed into large factories due to advancement of technology.

3. Public health facilities were greatly improved in urban areas. Drainage and sewage disposal system improved. All this also decreased the death rate in cities. Organisation of police force and fire-fighters made the city life safer.

4. In India, more and more people are coming to live in the cities in search of jobs and better life facilities. Though the available jobs in cities are in short supply. The cities are not having adequate housing, electricity, sanitation, transport medical facilities and social services.

5. Outskirts of cities are inhabited by over-stricken people who have migrated from rural areas. Quite of ten they live in make-shift houses and unplanned residential areas. Their houses are made of scrap metal and pieces of woods. There are slums where people live in high concentration. Due to absence of sanitation, rates of illness and death among this population is very high.

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