Environment and Society

Environment and Society


Why and how does social organisation shape the relationship between the environment and society ? 

Social organisation and shaping of the relationship between the environment and society :

1. The interaction between environment and society is shaped by social organisation. Property relations determine how and by whom natural resources can be used. For instance, if forests are owned by the government, it wil have the power to decide whether it should lease them to timber companies or allow villagers to collect forest produce.

2. Private ownership of land and water sources will affect whether others can have access to these resources and on what terms and conditions.

3. Ownership and control over resources is also related to the division of labour in the production process.

4. Landless labourers and women will have a different relationship with natural resources than men.

5. In rural India, women are likely to experience resource scarcity more acutely because gathering fuel and fetching water are generally women's tasks but they do not control these resources. Social organisation influences how different social groups relate to their environment.

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