Relations and Functions

Relations and Functions


State, which of the following sets are finite or infinite?

(i) {x : x ∊ Z, x2 -49 = 0} (ii) {x:x ∊ N, x < 15}

(iii) {x : x ∊ Z, x < 10} (iv) {x : x ∊ N and x is a composite number}

(v) {x : x ∊ N, x is a prime number}

(vi) {x : x is common point of two parallel straight lines l2 and l2}

(vii) The set of prime numbers less than 99.

(viii) The set of letters of English alphabet,

(ix) The set of animals living on earth. (x) {x : x is an even factor of 105}.


Finite   :  (i), (ii), (vi),  (vii),  (viii),   (ix),  (x)

Infinite  :  (iii), (iv),  (v)

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