Select and read sentences that show

(i) that the boy is tempted to eat

(ii) that he is feeling guilty

(iii) that he is justifying a wrong deed.


(i) that the boy is tempted to eat
'What are you thinking about? Those fresh, hot jalebis who come out of the Kadhao shop over there do not come out for anything. Jalebis are meant to eat them in their pocket. And money is not for nothing. Money is meant to be spent and only they spend it, who like jalebis.'
(ii) They boy is feeling guilty
'Order a farishta to pass by and drop in my pocket just four rupees. I promise I'll use them only to pay my charges and not eat jalebis'

(iii) The boy is justifying a wrong deed
'Okay, I admit I made a mistake. I didn't eat them all alone, though I also fed them to a lot of kids. If I knew the scholarship money would be given next month, I wouldn't have eaten t hem or fed it to others.

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