The Tsunami | Geography Lesson


Suppose you are one of the volunteers who went to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands for relief work after the tsunami. You work in the relief camps, distributing food, water and medicine among the victims. You listen to the various stories of bravery of ordinary people even as they fight against odds to bring about some semblance of normalcy in their lives. You admire their grit and determination. Write a diary entry. You may start in this way. 31 December 2004 The killer tsunami struck these islands five days ago. But the victims are being brought in even now. Each one has a story to tell...


31 December, 2004
Five days ago, the Tsunami murderer hit these islands. But even now, hte vicitudes are being carried in.  Everyone has to say a tale. Between 10-14 years of age, I encountered three children who lost their mother, two siblings and their grandmother and uncle. They survived in a cooperative society in Katchal with their dad who is manager. They said their siblings took hold of their grandfacther and uncle and were swept away. Similarly, a giant wave washed away their mother.
Two days ago, ten-year-old Meghan was taken from the coast by the resucue squad where she was walking in a daze. She was washed away by Tsunami along with her family and 77 other individuals, but she was the only fortunate fellow to have lives. She floated for two days on a wooden gate.
Almas, Port Blair's 10-year-old college girl, is still traumatized, lost her aunts to her parents grandfathers and washed away by the waves as well, but somehow received a wooden log and saved her life. But what is the use of it?She has lost every beloved and is now an orphan.
'Destiny plays a major part in life 'This line originates in practical here on the Andaman and Nicobar islands. Dead bodies, chaos, fear, crying and desperation are spreading all over the place.

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