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Underline the verbs and arrange them in two columns, Past and Earlier past.
(a) My friends set out to see the caves in the next town, but I stayed at home, because I had seen them already.

(b) When they arrived at the station, their train had left. They came back home, but by that time I had gone out to see a movie!

(c) So they sat outside and ate the lunch I had packed for them.

(d) By the time I returned, they had fallen asleep!


(a) Stayed, had seen
(b) arrived, had left, came, had gone
(c) sat, ate, had packed
(d) returned, had fallen

Past Earlier past
(i) stayed (i) had seen
(ii) arrived (ii) had left
(iii) came (iii) had gone
(iv) sat (iv) had packed
(v) ate (v) had fallen
(vi) returned  

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