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Suppose you are the visitor. You are in a dilemma. You don't know whether to disclose your identity and disappoint the old lady or let her believe that her dear Jim has come back. Write a letter to a friend highlighting your anxiety, fears and feelings.


Dear Aashu
I want to share an event today that upsets me day and night. I bought a roll-top desk from a junk shop just a few days ago. I found a letter written by her husband Jim, who was an army officer and fought the war against Germany during the First World War, addressed to Mrs Macpherson in his drawer. He outlined in that letter an event that occurred on the afternoon of Christmas. During the war, the Germans invited the British to the Christmas party on the territory of no man. The party was liked by all the troops from both armies and played football. Everyone was longing for the end of the war and going home. This letter had a strip attached to Mrs Macpherson's envelope that said, 'Jim's last letter, Won January 25, 1915. To be buried with me when the time comes. 'These lines forced me to search for Mrs. Macpherson and return the letter. I went to the address provided and discovered that she now lives in nursing home in Burlington House and is 101 years old. It was the morning of Christmas that filled the eyes with happiness and looked back at me. She kissed my cheek, asked me to sit next to her, offered me tea and cake for Christmas that couldn't say anything. Now I'm in a state of disappointment with the woman that her husband is dead or has returned as promised in the letter.I'm afraid she will definitely die of shock and disappointment if I reveal my identity. And if I didn't live in guilt then. What am I supposed to do? Suggest me, please.
Your friend

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