The Best Christmas Present In The World | The Ant And The Cricket


What kind of presents do you like and why? What are the things you keep in mind when you buy presents for others? Discuss with your partner. (For example, you might buy a book because it can be read and re-read over a period of time.)


If I have to pick my own gifts. I'd go to sports kit and books. Books are the best friends of one. Knowledge and information can be read and re-read and disseminated. Reading books is enjoyable. There can be different types of books. They may be comic books, books of stories, books of literature, books of poetry, etc. Depending on the taste, there are many kinds of books that you can choose from. They're never getting old or obsolete. Moreover, the knowledge they gain is never lost or forgotten.
Apart from books, sports kit is also one of my greatest gifts as sports keeps me fit and healthy physically. And since there is a saying, 'a healthy body has a good mind,' you can discover any issue if you are physically powerful.
I'd buy a football if I had to pick a gift for my friend. He loves football and is also a very nice player in football.

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