A Short Monsoon Diary | On The Grasshopper And Cricket

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Look at the sentences below.

(i) Bijju wandered into the garden in the evening.
(ii) The trees were ringing with birdsong

Notice the highlighted verbs.
The verb wandered tells us what Bijju did that evening. But the verb was ringing tells us what was happening continually at same time in the past (the birds were chirping in the trees).

Now look at the sentences below. They tell us about something that happened in the past. They also tell us about other things that happened continually, at the same time in the past.

Put the verbs in the brackets into their proper forms. The first one is done for you.

(i) We (get out) of the school bus. The bell (ring) and everyone (rush) to class. We got out of the school bus. The bell was ringing and everyone was rushing to class.
(ii) The traffic (stop). Some people (sit) on the road and they (shout) slogans.
(iii) I (wear) my raincoat. It (rain) and people (get) wet.
(iv) She (see) a film. She (narrate) it to her friends who (listen) carefully. (v) We (go) to the exhibition. Some people (buy) clothes while others (play) games.
(vi) The class (is) quiet. Some children (read) books and the rest (draw).


(i) We got out of the bus from the school. The bell rang and everyone rushed to the classroom.
(ii)Stopped, sat down, screamed.
(iii)i were wearing, i were raining, i were getting
(iv)saw, was narrating, were listening.
(v) she walked, she bought, she played
(vi) is/was, are/were reading, are/were drawing.

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