A Visit To Cambridge | When I Set Out For Lyonnesse

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What general conclusion does the writer draw from this comparison?


The writer concludes that the eternal soul is within our body. Anything else is merely an accessory.

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Some More Questions From A Visit to Cambridge | When I set out for Lyonnesse Chapter

What endeared the scientist to the writer so that he said he was looking at one of the most beautiful men in the world?

Read aloud the description of ‘the beautiful’ man. Which is the most beautiful sentence in the description?

If ‘the lantern’ is the man, what would its ‘walls’ be?

What is housed within the thin walls?

What general conclusion does the writer draw from this comparison?

What is the scientist’s message for the disabled?

Why does the writer refer to the guitar incident? Which idea does it support?

The writer expresses his great gratitude to Stephen Hawking. What is the gratitude for?

Complete the following sentences taking their appropriate parts from both
the boxes below.

(i) There was his assistant on the line ...
(ii) You get fed up with people asking you to be brave, ...
(iii) There he was, ...
(iv) You look at his eyes which can speak, ...
(v) It doesn’t do much good to know ...


  • tapping at a little switch in his hand
  • and I told him
  • that there are people
  • as if you have a courage account
  • and they are saying something huge and urgent


  • trying to find the words on his computer.
  • I had come in a wheelchair from India.
  • on which you are too lazy to draw a cheque.
  • smiling with admiration to see you breathing still.
  • it is hard to tell what.

Fill in the blanks in the sentences below using the appropriate forms of the words given in the following box.

guide, succeed, chair, travel, pale, draw, true

(i) I met a ____________ from an antique land.

(ii) I need special ____________ in mathematics. I can’t count the number of times I have failed in the subject.

(iii) The guide called Stephen Hawking a worthy ____________ to Issac Newton.

(iv) His other problems ____________ into insignificance beside this unforeseen mishap.

(v) The meeting was ____________ by the youngest member of the board.

(vi) Some people say ‘yours ____________’ when they informally refer to themselves.

(vii) I wish it had been a ____________ match. We would have been spared the noise of celebrations, at least