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Here are some words from the lesson. Working in groups, arrange them in the order in which they would appear in the dictionary. Write down some idioms and phrasal verbs connected to these words. Use the dictionary for more idioms and phrasal verbs.

close, draw, make, wonder, scrawny,
parted, clearing, sweet, light, pick,




An arrangement according to the dictionary:

Clearing, Close, draw, light, make, parted, pick, scrawny, sweet, wonder, 

(i) Clearing: Circled the clearing, abandoned clearing, clearing up.
(ii)Close: close shave, close up, close to
(iii) Draw: draw attention, draw over, draw toward
(iv) Light: Light-headed, light up, light with, light upon
(v) Make: Make a bearing make faces, make hay while the sun shines.
(vi) Parted: Parted apart. parted away, parted over.
(vii) pick: pick up, pick over, pick through
(viii) Scrawny: Scrawny neck, scrawny figure, scrawny outfit.
(ix) Sweet: Sweeten up, sweet smell, sweet taste
(x) Wonder: wonder about, wonder at.

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