The p-Block Elements

The p-Block Elements


Which one of the following orders presents the correct sequence of the increasing basic nature of the given oxides?

  • Al2O3 < MgO < Na2O < K2O

  • MgO < K2O < Al2O3 < Na2O

  • Na2O < K2O < MgO < Al2O3

  • K2O < Na2O < Al2O3 < MgO



Al2O3 < MgO < Na2O < K2O

As the metallic character of element attached to oxygen atom increases, the difference between the electronegativity values of element and oxygen increases and thus the basic character of oxides increases and vice-versa. Hence the increasing correct order of basic nature is Al2O3 < MgO < Na2O < K2O.

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