The d-And-f-Block Elements

The d-And-f-Block Elements


Which of the following arrangements does not represent the correct order of the property stated against it?

  • V2+ < Cr2+<Mn2+<Fe2+: paramagnetic behaviour

  • Ni2+ < Co2+ < Fe2+ < Mn2+ ; Ionic size

  • Co3+ < Fe3+< Cr3+ < Sc3+ : stability in aqueous solution

  • Sc< Ti < Cr< Mn : Number of oxidation states



V2+ < Cr2+<Mn2+<Fe2+: paramagnetic behaviour

a) V2+ = 3 unpaired electrons;
Cr2+ = 4 unpaired electrons
Mn2+ = 5 unpaired electrons;
Fe2+ =4 unpaired electrons

Hence, the order of paramagnetic behaviour should be 
V2+ <Cr2+ = Fe2+ <Mn2+ 
b) Ionic size decreases from left to right in the same period
d)The oxidation states increase as we go from group 3 to group 7 in the same period.

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