Shyam went to a grocery shop to purchase some food items. The shopkeeper packed all the items in polythene bags and gave them to Shyam. But Shyam refused to accept the polythene bags and asked the shopkeeper to pack the items in paper bags. He informed the shopkeeper about the heavy penalty imposed by the government for using polythene bags. The shopkeeper promised that he would use paper bags in future in place of polythene bags.

Answer the following :

(a) Write the values (at least two) shown by Shyam

(b) Write one structural difference between low-density polythene and high-density polythene.

(c) Why did Shyam refuse to accept the items in polythene bags?

(d) What is a biodegradable polymer ? Give an example


a) Shyam is a responsible citizen and has moral values.


It is highly branched structure It has a linear structure

c) Shyam refused to accept items in polythene bags because polythene is non-biodegradable and it will accumulate as landfills or if burnt will cause air pollution.

d) A biodegradable polymer which can be easily degraded in the environment over a period of time for example PHBV, Nylon-2-nylon-6

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