Coordination Compounds

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    Write the state of hybridization, the shape and the magnetic behaviour of the following complex entities:

    (i) [Cr (NH3)4 Cl2] Cl

    (ii) [Co (en) 3] Cl3

    (iii) K2 [Ni (CN) 4]


    (i) [Cr (NH3)4 Cl2]Cl

    Name - Tetraamminedichloridochromium (III) chloride

    Stereochemistry - Shows geometric isomerism and the cis form is optically active

    Magnetic behaviour - Paramagnetic

    (ii) [Co (en3)]Cl3                                   

    Name -tris (ethane-1, 2-diamine) cobalt (III) chloride

    Stereochemistry -Shows optical isomerism

    Magnetic behaviour - Paramagnetic

    (iii) K2 [Ni (CN) 4]

    Name -Potassium tetracyano nickelate (II)

    Stereochemistry - Does not show geometric or optical isomerism

    Magnetic behaviour - Diamagnetic

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