Surface Chemistry

Surface Chemistry


Define the following terms:
i)Lyophilic colloid
ii) Zeta potential
iii) Associated colloids


i) Lyophilic colloids are liquid loving colloids (Lyo means solvent and philic means loving). When these colloids are mixed with the suitable liquid, high force of attraction exists between colloidal particles and liquid. This result in the formation of very stable solution called lyophilic sol. These sols are formed by substances like gums, starch and proteins.

ii) Zeta Potential : zeta potential is the potential difference between the dispersion medium and the stationary layer of fluid attached to the dispersed particle.

iii) Association colloids are microheterogeneous systems in which the particles of the colloidal dispersed phase (micelles) are formed by the agglomeration of molecules or ions of the substance dissolved in the dispersion medium.

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