Chemistry in Everyday Life

Chemistry in Everyday Life


(i) What class of drug is Ranitidine?

(ii) If water contains dissolved Ca2+ ions, out of soaps and synthetic detergents, which will you use for cleaning clothes?

(iii) Which of the following is an antiseptic?

0.2% phenol, 1% phenol


(i) Ranitidine belongs to Antihistamines class of drugs.

(ii) If water contains Ca2+ ions then out of soaps and synthetic detergents, we will use synthetic detergents. In case of soaps, Ca2+ ions form insoluble calcium soaps when sodium or potassium soaps are dissolved in hard water.

2C17H35COONa + CaCl2  ---> 2NaCl + (C17H35COO)2Ca

  Soap                                         insoluble calcium sterate soap


Whereas the synthetic detergents can be used in both soft and hard water.

(iii) 0.2% phenol is an antiseptic.


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