Chemistry in Everyday Life

Chemistry in Everyday Life


Due to hectic and busy schedule, Mr. Angad made his life full of tensions and anxiety. He started taking sleeping pills to overcome the depression without consulting the doctor. Mr. Deepak, a close friend of Mr. Angad, advised him to stop taking sleeping pills and suggested to change his lifestyle by doing Yoga, mediation and some physical exercise. Mr. Angad followed his friend's advice and after few days he started feeling better.
After reading the above passage, Ans the following:

(i)What are the values (at least two) displayed by Mr. Deepak?
(ii)Why is it not advisable to take sleeping pills without consulting a doctor?
(iii)What are tranquillizers? Give two examples.


(i) The following values are displayed by Mr. Deepak:
(a)Care and concern: He cared for the well-being of his friend Mr. Angad.
(b)Knowledge: He suggested his friend effective measures counter stress and anxiety.

(ii)Sleeping pills are prescribed by doctors to patients with stress, pain or depression. It should not be taken without a prescription or a doctor's consultancy because these pills have several side effects. Sleeping pills slow down the functioning of the brain and the nervous system.

(iii) Tranquillisers are those class of organic compounds that are neurologically active drugs. They perform their function by inhibiting the message transfer mechanism from nerve to receptor. They induce a sense of well-being and are used in the treatment of stress, anxiety, irritability and mental diseases. Their examples are chlordiazepoxide, iproniazid, phenelzine, meprobamate and equanil.

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