In which of the following reactions H2O2 acts as a reducing agent?
I. H2O2 + 2H+ + 2e- →2H2O
II. H2O- 2e- →O2 + 2H+
III. H2O2 +2e- 2OH-
IV. H2O2+ 2OH- -2e- →O2 + 2H2O

  • I and II

  • III and IV

  • I and III

  • II and IV



II and IV

The release of the electron is known as reduction. So, H2O2 acts as a reducing agent when it releases electrons.
Here, in reactions (II) and (IV), H2O2 release two electrons, hence reactions (II)  and (IV) is known as reduction. In reactions (I) and (III), two electrons are being added so (I) and (III) represents oxidation.

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