Structure of Atom

Structure of Atom


Which of the following is the energy of a possible excited state of hydrogen?

  • +13.6 eV

  • -6.8 eV

  • -3.4 eV

  • +6.8 eV



-3.4 eV

Since at n=1 the population of electrons is maximum i.e. at the ground state. So, maximum excitation will take place from n = 1 to n=2.
Hence, n=2 is the possible excited state,
Now, we have the formula for energy of H-atom
(En)H = negative 13.6 straight Z squared over straight n squared eV
where Z = atomic number 
Z for H-atom = 1
therefore, (En)H  = 13.6 space straight x space 1 over 2 squared eV space equals space 136 over 4 eV space equals negative 3.4 eV

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