The Reproductive System

  • Question

    Given below are diagrams showing different stages in the process of fertilization of an egg in the female reproductive tract.

     (i) Use the letters given below each diagram to show the correct order in the process of fertilization.

    (ii) Where in the female reproductive system does this process normally take place?

    (iii) What is the biological term for the product of fusion?

    (iv) What is the chromosome number of (1) the egg (2) the fused product?

    (v) Draw a neat labelled diagram of a mature human sperm.


    (i) The correct order in the process of fertilization. Drightwards arrow Brightwards arrowCrightwards arrow A
    (ii) Fertilization takes place in the oviduct/fallopian tube.
    (iii) Zygote.
    l. Chromosome number of the egg= 23
    2. In the fused product (Zygote)= 46
    (v) A mature human sperm:

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