Cell Cycle , Cell Divisiopn And Structure Of Chromosomes

  • Question

    Given below are sets of 5 terms each. Without changing the first term, rearrange the remaining four, so as to be in logical sequence as per the directions given in brackets for each. One has been done for you as an example.

    Example: Pathogen, active immunity, produces antibodies, lymphocytes, antigen (defence mechanism of the body)

    Answer: Pathogen rightwards arrow antigen rightwards arrow lymphocytes rightwards arrowproduces antibodies rightwards arrow active  immunity

    (ii) Interphase, Anaphase, Prophase, Telophase, Metaphase (sequential stages in karyokinesis)


    Interphase rightwards arrow Prophase rightwards arrowMetaphase rightwards arrow Anaphase rightwards arrow Telophase

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