The Nervous System

  • Question

    The diagram shows a section of the human brain. Answer the questions which follow:

    (i) Name the parts labelled A. B and C.
    (ii) Give the main function of each of the parts A. B and C.
    (iii)Name the three protective membranes covering the brain.
    (iv)Name the basic unit of the brain.


    A - Cerebrum
    B- Cerebellum
    C - Medulla oblongata
    (ii) Cerebrum controls memory, will power, judgment, intelligence and
    voluntary functions.
    Cerebellum  maintains body balance and coordination in muscular activities.
    Medulla oblongata controls the activities of the internal organs such as heart beat, breathing, swallowing etc.
    (iii) The three protective membranes covering the brain:
    Outer - dura mater,
    Middle layer of arachnoid and
    Inner pia mater

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