Absorption By Roots - The Process Involved

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    The diagram shows a layer of epidermal cells showing a fully grown root hair. Answer the questions by seeing the diagram:

    (i) Name the parts labelled A. B, C and D.

    (ii) The root hair cell is in a turgid state. Name and explain the process which caused

    this state.

    (iii) Mention one distinct difference between the parts labelled A and B.

    (iv) Draw a diagram of the above root hair cell as it would appear when a concentrated

    solution of fertilisers is added near it.


    (i) The different parts are :
    A- Cell wall
    B-Cell membrane
    C - Epidermal cell

    ii) The process is osmosis which causes the cell to become turgid.
    Osmosis Is the movement of water molecules from a region of their high concentration to a region of their low concentration through a semi-permeable membrane.

    (iii) Part A: Cell wall; Part B: Cell membrane

    Cell wall  Cell membrane
    Freely permeable Semi-permeable


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