ICSE Political Science

Question 1

Name the six forms of Aristotle's classification of states.


The classification are: 
i. Monarchy ii. Aristocracy iii. Polity iv. Tyranny v. Oligarchy vi. Democracy 

Question 2

How is the role of the executive defined and limited in a Liberal Democracy?  


The political executive undertakes policy formulation and the permanent executive, implement the decisions and policies of the government. 

Question 3

Why is the existence of a Supreme Court a necessity in a federation? 


It is necessary because judicial review can be conducted by the Supreme Court in respect of all Central and State laws, the orders and ordinances of the executive and constitutional amendments. 

Question 4

What is meant by Cabinet Dictatorship? Which type of government would you associate it with? 


The Unitary form of government is also called Cabinet Dictatorship because its authority can not be challenged. The presidential type government is associated with it. 

Question 5

State two reasons why the British Constitution has been classified as unwritten.


i. It has been made and codified in the form of a book. 
ii. No constituent assembly has made it.