CBSE Psychology

Question 1

Explain pervasive developmental disorder.


Pervasive development disorder characterised by severe and widespread impairments in social interactions and communication skills and stereotyped patterns of behaviours, interests and activities.e.g. Autism.

Question 2

Explain binge eating.


Binge eating is an eating disorder. In binge eating, a person consumes large quantities of food in a short period of time.
Symptoms of binge eating:

  • Eat more food than other people do in the same situation.
  • Feel like you can't control how much you eat.
  • Feel upset after you binge.
Question 3

What is existential anxiety?


Existential anxiety is an all-encompassing form of anxiety and stress that is present in a nagging way when we try to make meaning in life simply because, as humans, we exist.

Question 4

What is meant by compliance?


Compliance refers to behaving in a particular way in response to a request made by someone. For example salesperson.

Question 5

Explain crowding


Crowding refers to the feeling of discomfort because there are too many people or things around us, giving us the experience of physical restriction and sometimes the lack of privacy.