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Honeydew Chapter 4 Bepin Choudhury’s Lapse Of Memory | The Last Bargain
  • NCERT Solution For Class 8 English Honeydew

    Bepin Choudhury’s Lapse Of Memory | The Last Bargain Here is the CBSE English Chapter 4 for Class 8 students. Summary and detailed explanation of the lesson, including the definitions of difficult words. All of the exercises and questions and answers from the lesson's back end have been completed. NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English Bepin Choudhury’s Lapse Of Memory | The Last Bargain Chapter 4 NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English Bepin Choudhury’s Lapse Of Memory | The Last Bargain Chapter 4 The following is a summary in Hindi and English for the academic year 2021-2022. You can save these solutions to your computer or use the Class 8 English.

    Question 1

    Why did the man stare at Bepin Babu in disbelief?


    The person looked at Bepin Babu's astonishment because he was not recognized by Bepin Babu and the guy knew Bepin Babu met him in Ranchi.

    Question 2

    Where did Bepin Babu say he went in October '58?


    Bepin Babu said he had gone to Kanpur in October ' 58 ' at his friend's place.

    Question 3

    Mention any three (or more) things that Parimal Ghose knew about Bepin Babu.


    Parimal Ghose knew the intimate secrets of Bepin Babu:
    i) He realized that there were no kids in Bepin Babu.
    ii)10 Years ago he had lost his wife < br > iii) his brother had killed foolish.

    Question 4

    Why did Bepin Babu worry about what Parimal Ghose had said?


    Bepin Babu was concerned about what Parimal Ghose said about him because he had all the information that only a close individual knew about him. He knew about the book bag, the death of Bepin Babu's wife, and the madness of his brother.

    Question 5

    How did he try to decide who was right—his memory or Parimal Ghose?


    He questioned Dinesh Mukherjee about the journeys. Bepin Babu attempted to verify the individuals who were expected to have a connection with the Ranchi trip. As Dinesh Mukherjee made a favorable declaration for the Ranchi Trip, he improved his duality.

    Question 6

    Why did Bepin Babu hesitate to visit Mr Mukerji? Why did he finally decide to phone him?


    Bepin Babu was well conscious of Dinesh Mukherjee's bitter censorships. If he were to call, Dinesh Mukherjee would pinch him with nasty sarcasm and confirm the journey that would make him embarrassed. Bepin Babu was trying to prevent Parimal Ghosh's talks. But in Bepin Babu's head he really circumvented. Finally Bepin Babu decided to email Dinesh Mukherjee in order to clear his confusion.

    Question 7

    What did Mr Mukerji say? Did it comfort Bepin Babu, or add to his worries?


    Mr Mukherjee confirmed that in October 58 Bepin was in Ranchi. This made him uneasy further. Bepin Babu became so worried that his appetite was even wasted.

    Question 8

    Who was Chunilal? What did he want from Bepin Babu?


    Since their schooling, Chunilal has been a Bepin Babu friend. Chunilal was in a very poor situation and he was not in a healthy economic situation. He was looking forward to Bepin Babu arranging a job for him.

    Question 9

    Why was Dr Chanda puzzled? What was unusual about Bepin Babu's loss of memory?


    Dr. Chanda was confused that he had never before encountered this kind of situation. The most extraordinary aspect of the memory lapse of Bepin Babu is that he accurately recalls every aspect of his life, but he has only forgotten the portion of going to Ranchi.

    Question 10

    Had Bepin Babu really lost his memory and forgotten all about a trip to Ranchi?


    No, Bepin Babu hadn't really lost his memory, he'd never actually been to Ranchi. It was all Chunilal's plan for teaching him a lesson.

    Question 11

    Why do you think Chunilal did what he did? Chunilal says he has no money; what is it that he does have?


    Chunilal was waiting for a friend to assist a needy friend. He was expecting Bepin Babu in his poor moment to handle a job. But Bepin Babu acted rudely with him, forcing chunilal to go for revenge.

    Chunilal had no cash, but he had great imagination power. He applied his imaginative authority to plot against Bepin Babu a psychological game to punish him for the same.

    Question 12

    The author describes Bepin Babu as a serious and hardworking man. What evidence can you find in the story to support this?


    Bepin Babu was a hard-working and serious guy. He worked in his office every day. He didn't like to mix the people and had a couple of friends. He lived alone and did not like to spend time in idle chat. He had been working for a large company for the previous 25 years and had a reputation as a tireless, conscientious employee.

    Question 13

    Why did Bepin Babu change his mind about meeting Chunilal? What was the result of this meeting?


    Bepin Babu didn't want to meet Chunilal because he knew why he was coming to meet him. But he altered his mind, and perhaps he thought about his Ranchi Trip in ' 58 he might understand something. Bepin Babu's trip to Ranchi was verified by Chunilal. He had chosen to see a check-up expert.

    Question 14

    Bepin Babu lost consciousness at Hudroo Falls. What do you think was the reason for this?


    To recollect his lost memory, Bepin Babu came to Hudroo Falls. But he couldn't discover anything to remind him that he had previously visited that place when he reached there. He believed that quickly everything would loose and end up in an asylum. He felt depressed, lost his mind, and fainted.

    Question 15

    How do you think Bepin Babu reacted when he found out that Chunilal had tricked him?


    Bepin Babu must regret finding the Chunilal truth. He must be upset not to help his ancient friend who was in such a poor condition. Bepin Babu would also be furious with Chunilal because he created so much chaos in his peaceful lives.

    Question 19

    Given below are jumbled sentences. Working in groups, rearrange the words in each sentence to form correct sentences.

    You will find that each sentence contains an idiomatic expression that you have come across in the lesson. Underline the idiom and write down its meaning. Then use your dictionary to check the meaning.

    One sentence has been worked out for you as an example.

    Jumbled sentence: vanished/ The car/ seemed to/ into thin/ have/ air.
    Ans: The car seemed to have vanished into thin air.
    Idiom: vanished into thin air: disappeared or vanished in a mysterious way

    (i) Stop/and tell me/beating about/what you want/the bush
    Ans: _______________________________________________________
    Idiom: _____________________________________________________

    (ii) don’t pay/If you/ attention/you might/the wrong train/to the announcement/board
    Ans: _______________________________________________________
    Idiom: _____________________________________________________

    (iii) The villagers/tried/the crime/on the young woman/to pin
    Ans: _______________________________________________________
    Idiom: _____________________________________________________

    (iv) Bepin Babu/orders to/telling people/under/loved/doctor’s/eat early/that he was
    Ans: _______________________________________________________
    Idiom: _____________________________________________________

    (v) the students/The teacher/his eyebrows/when/said that/all their lessons/raised/they had revised
    Ans: _______________________________________________________
    Idiom: _____________________________________________________


    (i) Answer: Stop beating the bush and tell me what you want.
    Idiom: Beating the bush: not being straight.
    (ii) Answer: If you are not paying attention to the announcement, you may be boarding the incorrect train < br > Idiom: boarding: taking / riding
    (iii) Ans: The villagers attempted to pin the young woman's crime.
    Idiom: pin: impose / blame
    (iv) Ans: Bepin Babu liked to tell individuals that he was under the instructions of the doctor to eat early.
    Idiom: under the instructions of the doctor: to follow what to do.
    (v) Ans: When the learners said they had visited all their lessons, the professor raised his eyebrows.
    Idiom: raised his eyebrows: became upset or in a thoughtful mood.

    Question 20

    What do you think happened after Bepin Babu came to know the truth? Was he angry with this friend for playing such a trick on him? Or do you think he decided to help a friend in need?


    When he discovered the truth about Chunilal trick, I believed Bepin Babu must be upset. But at the same moment, Bepin must be angry, regret that in his fragile moment when Chunilal required him most, he did not help his ancient friend. He might have been able to assist his friend out of cash or help find a fresh job.

    Question 21

    Imagine you are Bepin Choudhury. You have received Chunilal’s letter and feel ashamed that you did not bother to help an old friend down on his luck. Now you want to do something for him. Write a letter to Chunilal promising to help him soon. Or A prank is a childish trick.


    Dear Chunilal,
    I got your letter and feel ashamed and guilty because I don't bother helping my ancient friend with his down luck. I'm sorry, I was a little uncomfortable with you. I was so full of myself that I never even thought of our ancient relationship. You performed on me the trick and taught me a good lesson. Such a individual like me should be trained and my lesson learned. I promise you, this kind of error would never be repeated with anyone. But I decided to assist you out now.I spoke to one of my buddies in publishing to consider your novel and he promised me to assist you. I also spoke to the manager of my company and requested him to set up an appropriate task for you. I would like to apologize for my unfriendly conduct. Forgive me, please, and meet me as quickly as possible.

    Question 22

    Who is the speaker in the poem?


    Speaker of this poem is the poet 'RABINDRANATH TAGORE.'

    Question 24

    The old man offered the speaker a lot of money. why did he turn down the offer?


    The old man was offering a lot of cash to the speaker. But the speaker declined to bring it. Because the poet realized he couldn't be happy with the cash. The speaker realized that once the cash was completed, when the ancient guy was counting the gold coins. He'd be out of job again. That's why he turned the deal away.

    Question 25
    Question 26

    How did the speaker feel after talking to the child on the beach?


    After speaking to the kid on the beach, the speaker feels free and happy. The child played with shells and he' hired' the speaker for nothing. This showed he didn't want the speaker to do any job. In turn, he offered nothing but happiness and cheer. This deal brought him what he couldn't find with the king, the ancient man, or the good maid. This was because everything goes away from authority, money, and beauty, but happiness is something that remains and does not cost either. Happiness is every human being's real asset. Power, money, and beauty can't afford eternal happiness. Therefore, the speaker was not bound by any terms or circumstances with the kid. Therefore, after hitting that deal with the kid, he felt free.

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