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NCERT Solutions for Class 11th Statistics

Many people wouldn’t even know there is a subject of Statistics in Class 11 than just being a chapter in Maths. But let us tell you more about statistics.

Statistics is a branch of mathematics concerned with gathering, analyzing, interpreting, and presenting numerical information and masses. In other terms, statistics is a collection of numerical data. The term "statistics" is frequently used; it is born of the Latin word "status," which refers to a group of numbers or figures that make up some information of human interest. Statistics can be discovered and encountered in everyday life, including on television, in magazines, in books, and newspapers.

The goal of statistics is really to allow different data sets to be compared so that analysts may concentrate on significant changes and trends. Analysts examine data to draw judgments about its meaning.

“CBSE board class 11 Statistics question answers” is a difficult nut to crack. A lot of people even avoid the subject of Statistics. But for those who are into this, we will help you out with the answers if you ever get stuck, so you never miss a step in your preparation.

How will NCERT Solutions of Class 11th Statistics subject improve your studies?

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Statistics include various practice problems to tackle. It is divided into nine chapters. In addition, statistics have been renamed to 'Statistics for Economics.' These books were published by professionals who are experts in their respective fields.

You can find the solutions to your difficult questions which have you stuck for hours in a few minutes in our well-structured solutions. You can find them in the Class 11 Statistics Chapter list.

CBSE Solutions for Class 11th Statistics All Chapters 2022-23

Statistics for Economics
Chapter 0 : 1
Chapter 1 : Introduction
Chapter 2 : Collection of Data
Chapter 3 : Organisation of Data
Chapter 4 : Presentation of Data
Chapter 5 : Measures of Central Tendency
Chapter 6 : Measures of Dispersion
Chapter 7 : Correlation
Chapter 8 : Index Numbers
Chapter 9 : Use of Statistical Tools

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Students in the same class will benefit from the NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Statistics. They can obtain solutions to their questions through these. Again, these are the correct answers, and students should consult them if they have questions.