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NCERT Solutions for Class 11th English

Are you good at English? Do you have any ideas on how the world functions i.e What are the initial measures that one takes to start a conversation? You must have known at least two languages, and the probability of one being the English language is more than 60%. Doesn't that mean you should be good at English literature and language both? If Yes, then we have got you covered!


You are someone from class 11th and are looking for CBSE solutions for English! This situation can be possible!!

Fortunately, we have prepared something that you need, and here’s how these CBSE solutions for class 11 English will help you out in your quest to learn English.

How are NCERT Solutions for Class 11 English Going to Help?

Class 11 English is the base of your higher education, and you don’t want to end up being someone who only has basic English language skills. Instead, you want to become someone who knows more about it than just a language. English is Great Britain’s main language, and most countries speak the language. Therefore, learning meaningful lessons and understanding the depth that words carry is a skill you must adhere to and following the right NCERT textbooks would be the best way to start your journey.

NCERT solutions for class 11 are the most important thing that a student should follow, and whether it be a government school, private, or tuition, you will find teachers following the CBSE solutions.

CBSE Solutions for Class 11th English All Chapters 2022-23

Chapter 1 : The Portrait of A Lady
Chapter 2 : We’re Not Afraid to Die... If We Can All be Together
Chapter 3 : Discovering Tut: The Saga Continues
Chapter 4 : Landscape of the Soul
Chapter 5 : The Ailing Planet : The Green Movement's Role
Chapter 6 : The Browning Version
Chapter 7 : The Adventure
Chapter 8 : Silk Road
Chapter 9 : Note Making
Chapter 10 : Summarising
Chapter 11 : Sub-titling
Chapter 12 : Essay Writing
Chapter 13 : Letter Writing
Chapter 14 : Creative Writing
Snapshots Supplementary Reader
Chapter 1 : The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse
Chapter 2 : The Address
Chapter 3 : Ranga's Marriage
Chapter 4 : Albert Einstein at School
Chapter 5 : Mother’s Day
Chapter 6 : The Ghat of the Only World
Chapter 7 : Birth
Chapter 8 : The Tale of Melon City

How to Get CBSE Class 11 English Question Answers?

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Now that we are all aware of how everyone can access the CBSE Class 11 English Study Materials for the 2021-22 session, you should be thinking about what chapter does your syllabus have? So, here’s the class 11 English chapter list to solve your last query.

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