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    ICSE Class 10 Mathematics Elective Sample Papers with a solution focused on the new marking scheme for 2020. Mathematics Elective Core new board model paper with a solution. Download ICSE Sample Papers on Wired Faculty for 10 boards for 2020-2021 ICSE. The ICSE sample papers and marking schemes include an overview of the question paper design, question type and test allocation in board examinations. The new ICSE sample paper and marking scheme for the Class 10 Mathematics Exam 2020 is given here. Students of 'Basic' Maths will get the simpler version of the Maths question paper from this year's board exams which is being introduced for the first time. So it is important that students scrutinise the Basic-Maths sample paper thoroughly to know what kind of questions will be asked in the ICSE Maths Exam 2020.

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