Question 1

Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow:

Every traveller is amazing and unique in his/her own way. Here are some types of travellers that you probably know. Read on, maybe you are one of them!

  1. The Budgeter

This traveller has it all planned out when it comes to money. From flights to hotel bookings and beyond, The Budgeter has it all mapped out. His pocket always has enough cash and a number of cards that come in handy in an emergency. If in a group, this traveller automatically becomes the bank' of the group.

  1. The Lavish

This is the guy who, as the journey nears its end, is seen asking for money from the Budgeter. Why? Because The Lavish traveller really knows how to spend! The best eateries, the best clubs, and the most luxurious experiences are at the top of his itinerary. In a group, he is often seen urging others to experience something new with him.

  1. The Itinerary obsessed

This traveller is like an evolved version of the Budgeter. They not only take expenditure into account, but also plan every minute detail of their journey. Every hour of the day is clearly charted and every detail meticulously planned. If you want to make the most of your destination, following this traveller is your best option (unless you are him!)

  1. The Free Spirit

There is always a guy kayaking, snowboarding, or cliff diving while looking fabulous. If you see this person, you are looking at the Free Spirit. This guy is unconventional to the core. He is not bound by rules or laws. He does what he wants to and what nobody else dares to. This type of traveller is rarely seen in a group as he prefers to backpack and go solo.

  1. The Bird-watcher

The ideal vacation of this guy involves stuff like lying in a hammock, chugging chilled drinks, looking at the clouds passing by and experiencing each moment as it passes. This guy is the textbook definition of the word 'chill'. It is all he does, he chills. He doesn't want to go rafting, he'd rather sit at the riverbank and look at the occasional fish that jumps out. In a group, this is the guy with the least interesting stories.

  1. The Photographer

The one who is in the least number of photographs, but clicks (or claims to click) the best ones. Out of all the types mentioned, he is the one most likely to have a travel blog. No group is complete without this guy. But if you don't pose as he says, you might make him angry, resulting in a lot of cropping for you!

Travel as much as you can, as much as your life allows you to, for you will observe facets of your being that you could never see before. Just remember, an intelligent traveller always takes contingencies into account. No matter what kind of traveller you are, always be safe and buy travel insurance. Research and find a that best suits your requirements. A good plan will cost less and provide more. Always compare prices to make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck. You can check out travel insurance plans by Reliance General Insurance. Starting at INR 306, the plans cover medical expenses, loss of passport, trip delay/cancellation/interruption and much more! Any information, all the help you need, and whatever assistance you require, are readily available today on the internet.

So explore, and be a smart traveller-all you need is the right attitude!

  1. Describe the following kinds of travellers in your own words.

(a) The Budgeter (b) The Free Spirit (c) The Itinerary obsessed

  1. Why does the budgeter become the banker of a touring group?
  2. Do you agree with the statement that no travelling group is complete without the photographer? Give your reason.
  3. Imagine yourself to be part of a tour to Agra. What kind of a traveller do you think you are? Describe your activities accordingly.
  4. Find the words in the passage that mean the same as the following:

(a) A proposed route of a journey

(b) Excess spending

(c) Restaurants

(d) To plan in detail



(a) The Budgeter

This is the person who controls all money matter, wants to have good services at cheaper price.

(b) The Free Spirit

This type of traveller wants to enjoy everything on his journey without worrying about anything

(c) The Itinerary obsessed

This type of traveller wants to take out. Most of his journey and goes into minute details.

  1. The Budgeter automatically becomes the 'Banker' of the group because his pocket always has enough money and a number of cards that come handy in an emergency
  2. Yes, because with photographs you can re-live that trip. And whenever you look at those photographs you cherish that moments. Without photos you will not be able to recall all the incidents or happened that time. Photographs give same thrill which you get while you travel. A photographer is a must on an itinerary.
  3. I would be a photographer, as Agra is a historical place there are so many monuments, out of which most beautiful is "The Taj" whose beauty I would like to catch in my camera. It is a beautiful architecture have so many points to be clicked. Agra Fort, Fatehpur Sikri have so many carvings which will make you feel to click the picture. A photographer traveller will be apt for Agra.
  4. (a) A proposed route of journey-Itinerary

(b) Excess spending-Lavish

(C) Restaurants-Eateries   

(d) To plan in detail-Meticulously.

Question 2

On the basis of your reading of the above passage in Q. 1, prepare a Note on it, using headings and subheadings. Use recognizable abbreviations wherever necessary

  1. Heading
  2. Types of Traveller

    (a) The Budgeter

    (i) Bank of the group

    (ii) The planner

    (b) The Lavish

    (i) The most luxurious travel experience

    (ii) Wants to try something new

    (iii) Know how to spend

    (c) The Itinerary obsessed

    (i) evolved version of Budgeter

    (ii) wants to make most of his destination

    (iii) plans meticulously

    (d) The Free spirit

    (i) prefers solo

    (ii) unconventional to core

    (iii) try all the things

    (e) The Bird-watcher

    (i) chilled guy

    (ii) wants to sit and enjoy nature

    (iii) guy with least interesting stories

    (f) The photographer

    (i) Most wanted

    (ii) Help in keeping memories aliye

    1. Safety measures during travelling

    (i) Buy travel insurance

    (ii) Always be safe

    (iii) Compare prices

    (iv) Medical expenses

    (v) Be a intelligent traveller.