The Selfish Giant

  • Question 13

    The little child's hands and feet had marks of nails. Who does the child remind you of? Give a reason for your answer.


    The child on his palms and feet with marks of nails reminds us, Jesus Christ. He saw imprints of nails on his palms and feet when the Giant met the little child for the second time. When Jesus was crucified, his palms and feet were dug in nails. For humanity, he had sacrificed his life. That's why the kid told the Giant that it was love's wounds.

    Question 14

    Is there something like this garden near where you live? Would you like one (without the Giant, perhaps) and why? What do you do to keep it in good shape?


    I live in a village, there's a garden nearby where I like to play and spend time together with all my colleagues. Despite the fact that there is no Giant but an ancient person (tau). Garden Custodian is there who is very polite and kind with kids and kind them to play in the garden saying that not to spoil any garden possessions (tree, plants, flowers) and keep it clean.

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