The Selfish Giant

  • Question 9

    Why was it still wiinter in one corner of the garden?


    In one corner of the Giant's garden there was still water because there was a little kid standing in that corner who could not climb the tree's branches.

    Question 10

    Describe the first meeting of the little boy and the Giant?


    The little boy couldn't climb a tree branch and cry. He was lifted by the Giant and placed on a branch. So pleased was the little kid that he kissed the Giant. That gesture touched the heart of the Giant. That was the first meeting they had.

    Question 11

    Describe their second meeting after a long interval?


    After a lengthy moment, the boy's second meeting took place. The Giant lost the little one, but where he lived nobody knew. He saw the long-lost kid one winter morning. He's going to meet him downstairs. On these palms and legs, the kid had marks of injury.
    The Giant was furious. He wanted the guy who had injured the kid to be killed. But the kid smiled and said, 'It's the wounds of love.' Awe filled the Giant. When Gaint asked him who he was, the kid answered, 'once you let me play in your garden.

    Question 12

    The Giant lay dead, all covered with white blossoms. What does this sentence indicate about the once selfish Giant?


    Death is like liberation from all mundane pains. White flowers are pure indications. Now the once egoistic giant has been altered. Even the gods embraced his new found virtue so that they called him to heaven with all due regard for a kind heartfelt soul.

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