The Solid State

  • Question 53

    What are lattice defects imperfection?

    lattice defect can be define as combination of Line defects and plane defects together are called lattice defects.
    Question 54

    what is Frenkel defect.Why is Frenkel defect found in AgCl ?

    Frenkel Defect: This defect is shown by ionic solids. The smaller ion (usually cation) is dislocated from its normal site to an interstitial site . It creates a vacancy defect at its original site and an interstitial defect at its new location.
     Frenkel defect is shown by ionic substance in which there is a large difference in the size of ions so it is due to difference in size of Ag
    + and CI, Ag+ occupies voids.
    Question 55

    What  type of void are developed in hexagonal close packing?

    In hexagonal close packing octahedral void as well as tetrahedral void are produced.
    Question 56

    What is the co-ordination number of an octahedral void?

    The co-ordination number of an octahedral void  is  6 : 6.

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