The Demographic Structure of the Indian Society

  • Question 1

    What do you understand by demography?


    It is a systematic study of population. The term demography is composed of two Greek words, i.e. demos (people) and graphein (describe) viz. describing number of people in a specified time-period in a territory/location or simply, description of people. It studies changes in—(i) Population size, (ii) Patterns of births, (iii) Deaths, (iv) Migration, (v) Structure and composition of the population E.g. relative proportion of women, men and different age groups.

    Question 2

    How many varieties the Demography has?


    Mainly two varieties—(i) Formal demography (ii) Social demography.

    Question 3

    What are the fields of students in formal and social demographies?


    The formal demography studies statistics or quantitative field and social demography focuses on the social, economic or political aspects of population.

    Question 4

    What processes of counting or enumeration are used in demographic studies?


    These are census and surveys. These correct data in a systematic way on the people residing within a specified territory.

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