The Challenges of Cultural Diversity

Question 1

What do you understand by cultural density?


Cultural diversity denotes a nation wherein people of different beliefs, religions, customs and rituals are living together. Thus, cultural diversity depicts difference and not inequality or discrimination.

Question 2

When does cultural diversity become a challenge?


It so happens when difference is understood as inequality or discrimination by some polluted minds particularly those who are in predominant posture in view of three capital i.e. economic, social and cultural.

Question 3

Do you think diversity in culture is anyway good for the people in general of a country like India?


Yes, diversity provides with sensitivity, intelligence through inquisitive attitude of people. An entire universal knowledge and experiences can be obtained from such society. A child living in such diverse society, learns automatically; the factual aspects of human life, its objectives and unprecedented growth of natural sciences and metaphysics in balanced way cannot be ruled out. What matters here is an ideal socialisation that a child obtains from family, neighbours, school and other communities. It means his ascriptive identity should be as clean as a scale so that he could write the creative words on it through his acquired traits in future and lead the society to the path of progress and prosperity in an splendid way.

Question 4

What apprehensions does the newspapers give rise in the conscious of an average man?


The reported heinous and ghast incidents and accidents therein E.g. communal riots, gender bias, casteism and demands for regional autonomy by groups of people and so-called organisations, fill the heart with apprehension of severe damage to India's unity and integrity. However, a detailed study of the Modern History of India, would reveal that such divisive problems of today are not new but descending down continuously since independence and even the period earlier to that.

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