Patterns of Social Inequality and Exclusion

Question 1

Which social institutions do create and sustain patterns of inequality and exclusion?


These social institutions are-the family, the caste, the tribe and the market that also form and sustain the society.

Question 2

Which facts establish that we are born and live in social inequality and exclusion?


Presence of beggars in the streets and public places, children working as domestic servants, construction helpers, cleaners and helpers in Dhabas and tea-shops establish this fact of life in India. Violence against women and prejudice against minority groups are routine affairs in this country and hardly, among us take these events seriously.

Question 3

Why have we become habitual to social exclusion and unequility?


It is because we observe them in practice without any change since our birth and the day from which onwards, we began to feel such biased treatment in society.

Question 4

Why do we blame poor and marginalised people?


We do so under presumption that it is outcome of their abstention from hard-work during childhood and adolescence. Had they worked hard, they would have never fallen in the ditch of severe humiliation and insults.

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