Introducing Indian Society

  • Question 1

    Mark correct or wrong against each of the following statements that describe the features ofthe military alliances formed by the superpowers.


    Member countries of the alliance are to provide bases in their respective lands for thesuperpowers.


    Member countries to support the superpower both in terms of ideology and military strategy.


    When a nation attacks any member country, it is considered as an attack on all the membercountries.


    Superpowers assist all the member countries to develop their own nuclear weapons.

    A. True
    B. True
    C. True
    D. False
    Question 2

    Here is a list of countries. Write against each of these the bloc they belonged to during theCold War.

    (a) Poland (b) France

    (c) Japan (d) Nigeria

    (e) North Korea (f) Sri Lanka

     (a) Poland - Soviet Bloc (b) France - US Bloc

    (c) Japan – US Bloc (d) Nigeria-NAM

    (e) North Korea-Soviet Bloc (f) Sri Lanka – NAM

    Question 3

    The Cold War produced an arms race as well as arms control. What were the reasons for boththese developments ?

    Since the Cold War did not eliminate rivalries between the two alliances there were mutualsuspicions between them. This led to an arms race. Huge stock of arms were considered necessary to preventwars from taking place. On the other hand, both the sides understood that inspite of restraint, war might occurdue to the following reasons :

    (i) Miscalculation of the number of weapons in the possession of the other camp.

    (ii) Misunderstanding the intentions of the otherside.

    (iii) A nuclear accident by mistake or by a soldier mischievously to start a war.Thus, both the powers - the US and the Soviet Union - decided to limit or eliminate certain kinds ofnuclear and non-nuclear weapons to maintain a stable balance of weapons. Starting in the 1960s, three treatieswere signed. These were Limited Test Ban Treaty, Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and the Anti-BallisticMissile Treaty.

    Question 4

    hat do you understand by society?


    Society is a group of people who share a common culture, occupy a particular territorial area and feel themselves a unified and distinct entity. In short, we can define society as, society is a web of relationship.

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