Cultural Change

  • Question 1

    Mention briefly how did colonialism in India bring about changes that altered the structure of Indian society?


    (1) During the colonial period Industrialisation took place. Due to industrialisation, urbanisation also took place in India. These both changes (industrialisation and urbanisation) transformed the lives of the people.

    (2) Due to industrialisation in several parts of the countries many factories grew up. Factories replaced fields as places of work for some.

    (3) Cities (due to urbanisation) replaced villages as places to live for many.

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    Question 2

    What main changes were noticed in cultural field in this period?


    Due to colonialism living and working arrangements or structures changed. Changes also took place in culture, ways of life, norms, values, fashions, and even body language.

    Question 3

    Explain the term. “Social structure.


    Socialogists understand, social sturcture as a continuing arrangement of persons in relationships defined or controlled institutions’ and culture as socially established norms or patterns of behaviour.

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    Question 4

    Mention briefly two related developments, which are called a complex product of the impact of colonial rule in India?


    The two mutually related developments, both a complex product of the impact of colonial rule in india were:

    (1) The first deals with the deliberate and concious efforts made by the 19th century social reformers and early 20th century nationalists to bring about changes in social practices that discriminated against women and lower castes.

    (2) The second with the less deliberate yet decisive changes in cultural practices that can broadly be understood as the four processes of sanskritisation, modernisation, secularisation and westernisation. Sanskritisation pre-dates the coming of colonial rule. The other three processes can be understood better as complex responses of the people of India to the changes that colonalism brought about.

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