Change and Development in Rural Society

Question 1

How can you prove that is a direct correspondence between agricultural productivity and the agrarian structure?


There is a direct correspondence between agricultural productivity and the agrarian structure in areas of assured irrigation, those with plentiful rainfall or artificial irrigation works (such as rice-growing regions in river deltas, for instance the Kaveri basin in Tamil Nadu) more labour was needed for intensive cultivation. Here the most unequal agrarian structures developed. The agrarian structure of these regions was characterised by a large proportion of landless labourers, who were often ‘bonded’ workers belonging to the lowest castes. (Kumar 1998).

Question 2

What is meant by Green Revolution?


Green Revolution: The fundamental (or basic) change and phenomenal increase in foodgrains (particularly in wheat and rice) production in late sixties (1960s) in India has earned the name of ‘Green Revolution’. The word ‘Green’ here refers to green fields of the countryside and ‘revolution’ indicates a substantial change.

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Question 3

Which three major aspects have been emphasised through tenancy reforms?


Tenancy reforms laid emphasis on the following three major aspects of the tenancy problem

1. regulation of rent.

2. security of tenure, and

3. right of purchase for the tenants.

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Question 4

Who are called Gentlemen Farmers?


Those people who have retired from the Civil and Military services and have invested their savings in agricultural farms, are called Gentlemen Farmers.

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