Understanding Social Institutions

  • Question 1

    Define the following words/terms Marriage, Affinal relation, Exogamy, Endogamy, Hypogamy, Taboo, Consanguineous relations.

    Marriage: H.M. Johnson has defined marriage as a stable relationship in which a man and a women are socially permitted, without loss of standing in community, to have children.

    Affinal Relation: Relationship by marriage like husband and wife.

    Exogamy: Marriage outside a defined group e.g. gotra, village.

    Endogamy : Marriage within a defened group. e.g. kinship, caste.

    Hypogamy: Marriage of daughter to a man of lower caste class.

    Hypergamy : Marriage of daughter with a man of higher class or caste.

    Taboo : Prohibited conduct or behaviours.

    Consanguineous Relation: Relationship blood like brother and sister.

    Question 2

    What is meant by the term citizen?

    Citizen : A member of a political community, having both rights and duties associated with that membership.
    Question 3

    What do you mean by the term Gender?

    Gender : Social expectations about behaviour regarded as appropriate for the members of each sex. Gender is seen as a basic organising principle of society.
    Question 4

    What is meant by the term service Industries?

    Industries concerned with the production of services rather than manufactured goods, such as the travel industry.

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